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Finally Get Time Off Editing With Our Fast Virtual House Staging Solutions

There was once a time wherein selling a house meant having to outsource home staging professionals and have them bring over multiple kinds of furniture, decorations, appliances, and other relevant articles to enhance the listing. This took a lot of pre-planning, a hefty budget, and a bigger team.

However, thanks to the advancement of technology, that tedious process now has a convenient alternative. If you are ever in need of a quick and cost-effective way to fully furnish an empty space, or enhance a semi-furnished house, virtual home staging is the answer.

Why Time Off Editing?

Infinite Possibilities.

Virtual home staging produces outstandingly realistic images crafted to make every one of your listings highly attractive. Because these photos are fabricated with ready-to-use elements, the possibilities are endless!

You can take one room and turn it into a quaint living space. Similarly, you can transform the exact same area to a modernized suite, all without doing any heavy lifting.

Unrestricted Creativity.

Imagine saving hours – days even – from finding the right sized couch that goes with that perfectly colored carpet, to sit below that flawless coffee table. Now, all your decisions can be ready with a few clicks and in less than 12 hours.

With virtual house staging, it is easier to compare one setting from the other. It allows you to bring out the best in each space, and even personally cater them to the audience you plan to share it with. Let your creativity run wild, we’ll take care of the rest!

Realistic Quality.

Majority of buyers initially view homes online, so it is essential to provide realistic photos since heavily staged spaces are difficult to connect with. Here at Time Off Editing, we create virtual staging with the end-user in mind and your vision at heart.

How Can We Help You?

Flambient Editing

Manually blend your ambient & flash shots into one crisp final image.

HDR Editing

Get stunning retouched real estate images.Send us all of your brackets for a stunning HDR merged (hand blended) image.

Day To Dusk

Missed the twilight time? We will transform your images into beautiful virtual twilights.

Virtual Staging

Fill your empty listing's with stylish furniture in any style of your choosing

Floor Plan Process

Floor Plans

We provide floor plans in black & white, full color, and textured images in both 2D & 3D.

HDR Edit of a beautiful house in Canada

Video Editing

Make your listings pop with stunning videos that perfectly capture the property

How it works


Upload photos to our dashboard from your computer or Dropbox.

Select service

Pick the specific options and style for editing these photos


We'll send back all your edited photos to review and download within 12 hours