Hot Real Estate Photography Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

Whether you are a real estate agent, a real estate photographer, a home seller, or if you are on the market for a new property, you would know that high quality photography is an essential factor in the purchasing decision process.

It does not only provide a valuable look into the listing at hand, but it can also showcase all the best features that potential buyers may be specifically searching for. Real estate photography essentially helps link the right property to the right buyer, which is a win-win situation we are all aiming for.

Learn more about this greatly impactful tool through our list of hot real estate photography statistics for 2022 below.

Is real estate photography in high demand?

Real estate photography has been, is currently, and will still be in high demand in the foreseeable future. It is an essential part to every marketing strategy and is a tried and tested tool to get your listing the attention it needs to sell fast and for a good asking price.

Of course, all of these are only achievable with high quality photos that stand out among the rest and are professionally processed to enhance each property.

Is real estate photography a good business?

Real estate photography can sometimes be demanding, time-consuming, and challenging. However, the more of your skills you get to hone and experience you acquire, the more profitable it can be for you.

Being able to offer your own quality work and technique makes your services more desirable. The more clients you satisfy with your real estate images, the more of them will come along seeing as to how many listings are going on and off the market on a daily basis.

Realistically speaking, real estate photography is good business if you have talent and grit to offer.

Real Estate Photography Statistics

  • An average of 32% of properties listed with high quality images sell much faster than listings without any visuals.
  • Listings that offer only one photo stay on the market for an average of 70 days, while listings that showcase at least 20 images sell within 1 month.
  • Listings with high quality images sell for over 47% higher asking prices per square foot.
  • About 87% of homebuyers online find images to be the most useful parts of a listing.
  • Website viewers spend an average of 60% of the time checking images, and 20% reading the descriptions.
  • Listings that offer professional real estate photos earn a whopping 1,200% increase in social media shares, which greatly help with reach and how fast the sale can close.
  • Over 68% of homebuyers online reported to have visited the property after seeing great photos of them.
  • Homebuyers spend an average of 124 hours finding their next investment, and a big chunk of that is sifting through images.
  • Listings that offer aerial photographs and drone footage sell 68% faster than those with no visuals at all.
  • Over 73% of homeowners reported to opt for realtors that utilize videos in their listings.
  • Over 80% of homebuyers say they find the front exterior shot of the home the most important picture.
  • 74% of real estate agents use images taken during sunset or twilight hours as these garner the most engagement.
  • 78% of the expired listings across multiple websites are vacant spaces, meaning empty rooms are definitely less inviting.

These statistics have been gathered by studies conducted throughout a series of sessions. Some of which are given by the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

While the above are sure eye openers, some of the most head-turning real estate statistics we’ve come across are the following:

Sell Your Home For 9% More Profit With Professional Realty Photography

Properties listed using professionally taken images sell for an average of 9% higher than listings that showcase poorly taken photographs.

Garnering sales with 15% over the price of the listing are fairly common with properties that showcase images taken professionally. Imagine the added profit you can enjoy by just investing in a good, outsourced real estate photographer.

The benefits you stand to gain far outweigh the extra price tag you have to shell out for. With thousands of dollars in extra revenue at stake, we highly suggest finding a real estate photographer that you like and that suits your creative needs. Once you have connected with them, establish a good work relationship for stable and smooth transactions for the years to come.

Nothing offers ROI faster with a listing than professional photography. Invest in a great photographer today.

Sell homes 32% faster with professional real estate photography

Because of the impact that professional real estate photography has on the ability of a listing to garner attention, it is no surprise that it also affects the average time a property stays on the market for.

Meaning to say, homes sell at a much faster rate when using good images – 32% fewer days to be exact. This takes the average time to sell a home from 123 days down to less than 90 days.

The reason behind this is that today’s technology allows us to swipe through images hastily and only stop once something catches our eye. Those that do make potential buyers double take are often regarded as unique and greatly pique interests. If your listing is able to get that second glance, be sure it is backed up with ample quality visuals and information to close that done deal.

Clients feel 43% more satisfied with their Realtor when they use a professional real estate photographer

With a great deal of options for real estate professionals today, being able to impress and satisfy your clients is definitely key in maintaining your business’s reputation and steady stream of clientele.

Studies show that one of the best ways to impress them is by outsourcing a professional real estate photographer for their listing. This proves to homebuyers that you highly value their property and want to showcase its features under the best light – literally and figuratively.

By showing them that you are willing to go the extra mile and take the effort in preparing a presentable listing, you get to earn their trust and loyalty. These can go a long way when its high time their inner circle will also look for a real estate agent.

The top 3 reasons behind clients preferring your hiring a professional photographer are:

Professional images attract more homebuyers

An image that is shot in high quality and is properly processed encourages viewers to be more engaging. Studies show that professional real estate photography creates more interest in a listing and increases the click-through rate by over 150%.

The more attractive your listing is, the more engagement you get, the higher the chances of the property selling in no time.

Properties have been proven to sell almost 5 weeks faster when showcasing images taken by a professional

Studies by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) prove that homes sell much faster when utilizing professionally processed images.

Images taken by a professional photographer have more appeal

In this modern world, anyone who plans to make a big investment usually starts his or her purchasing decision online. This makes visuals all the more important, and having a professional know how to properly translate all there needs to be communicated in a split second is key.

The photo, more often than not, is where most buyers lock their eyes on first – neither the description nor the price tag.

There is a big difference in the way amateurs or beginners take their photographs compared to those who have been in the business for years. You will see it in the way they angle their shots, the way they choose which objects to keep in frame and which ones to leave out, you can see it in the areas they choose to highlight, and you will also notice it in the way they treat exposure levels within a given shot.

It’s not all about having an eye for good angles, but it is about how the photograph can offer a virtually impactful experience and spark a conversation.

What Is The Average ROI On Your Professional Real Estate Photography?

It is only responsible to factor in all the expenses incurred in producing a great listing. Hiring a professional real estate photographer may be one of the heftier prices on that list, but the return on investment it can offer you greatly outweigh what you stand to cash out.

Factor in how much you would spend on a good photographer, and how much you can profit with an average of 9% increase. You will find that those numbers are highly attractive because where else would you be able to reach that level of ROI percentages with a small investment?

More often than not, home sellers base their decision to hire a real estate agent based on how the latter supports their current listings – investing in great photography being one of the determining factors. Furthermore, a professional image of your property can go far beyond your online listing as these can be utilized on other marketing collaterals as well, given that your license includes this.

You’re All Set!

The numbers don’t lie – real estate photography is a booming business that will stay in demand for a very long time. The impact it has on a listing is far too valuable to become obsolete anytime soon and investing in a professional photographer is one of the best decisions you can make for your listing today.