How To Edit Real Estate Videos [Expert Guide]

In the world of real estate, pairing your photos with videos can go a long way as to how well your listing performs on the market. Many professional cameras are more than capable of shooting both still images and high quality footage, so you won’t need a whole set of different gear to make it work in your favor.

However, just like how you have to enhance your real estate photos to allow your listing to stand out, you also have to edit your real estate videos with the same end goal.

If you are not accustomed to editing footage yourself or this is your first time shooting a professional real estate video, then this article is for you. You can find all there is to know about how to edit real estate video clips and the best video editing software below.

What Is A Video Editor?

For you to be able to take your raw footage and turn it into a captivating video that seamlessly tells a story, you need to have a good video editor. This software is what helps you in altering, enhancing, creating, and manipulating the footage in order to showcase the best parts of your listing in the most vivid and dramatic way.

It is also very practical since it helps delete certain parts of the video, trim multiple scenes, and rearrange your content to make your entire output flow much better. You can also apply effects that bring attention and focus where you want it, when you want it.

Benefits of Video Editing For Real Estate

There are many benefits to investing in high quality footage, including:

Your clients gain a better sense of your property.

With videos, you are able to take your clients on a virtual walkthrough of your listing and give them a more accurate feel and look of the place.

Especially when your video is edited with smooth transitioning and a flowing storyline, you are sure to grasp the attention of viewers and have them better consider your property as a good investment.

It adds life and energy to the property.

With steady movements, clean transitions, enhanced colors, and lively music, you can add more life to the listing. This helps clients better imagine what kind of day-to-day routines they could have within the property and if it’s what they have envisioned for themselves.

It highlights the value of the property.

By showcasing the best parts of the listing, you get the opportunity to highlight what makes your location valuable and what edge it has over other options.

Videos help gain trust among viewers.

Videos are a great way to persuade and gain the trust of your viewers. They are not only captivating and informative, but they can also be entertaining to watch. All these positive experiences combined help gain the trust among your potential buyers.

Videos are an important marketing tool.

Did you know that 54% of consumers prefer to watch more video content from businesses they support (source: Hubspot, 2018), and 72% of customers say they would rather learn more about a product through a video (source: Social Media Week)?

In fact, studies by Optinmonster show that at least 84% of today’s consumers say they have been convinced to make a purchase by watching a brand’s video. All these numbers show that real estate video marketing is an important step that you should incorporate into your strategy to not only increase website traffic, but also encourage more social awareness, garner leads, and boost sales.

10 Best Real Estate Video Editors

Here are the 10 real estate video editors we recommend looking into!


FlexClip’s interface is very user friendly with little to no learning curve needed. Their main concept is providing multiple templates that you can easily drag and drop your content to and instantly have a video ready for publishing.

They have an endless amount of templates for real estate footage with the option to set its dimension according to which social media platform or other outlet you plan to upload it to.

FlexClip has other tools to help turn your footage to more shareable pieces such as a Slideshow Maker, Meme Generator, GIF Maker, Video Trimmer, Video Merge, Video Compression, Video Converter, Add Music, Add Text, Add Watermark, Add Transitions, and more!

Aside from providing automated editing tools, they also offer tutorials and materials you can use to further enhance your editing skills.

They have four packages that range from absolutely FREE to $19.99 per month, depending on the quality of videos you need, how many projects you expect to make, how much storage you require, what tools you need, and more.

Filmora Business

Filmora business is also a user-friendly software that has many templates to make your editing smoother and less time consuming. With over 100 preset titles, motion graphics, transition options, backgrounds, and other effects, you can find an endless library of assets that will take your real estate footage to the next level.

All you have to do is drag and drop your content and mix in your choice of effects in a few clicks. Filmora also has more advanced editing features such as masking, speed ramping, plug-ins, auto beat sync, and much more.

The software starts at $9.99 per month up to $79 per month on Individual Plan, with the option to invest in a Team Plan, Student Plan, or other customized bundles.


Animoto is yet another software fit for beginners. Its drag and drop mechanism is a quick and easy way to put your content together before adding in any of their multiple templates. From there, you have the power to enhance the colors, fonts, transitions, music, and much more.

If you are working in a team, you no longer need to send the footage back and forth before it gets approval from everyone. You can simply add time-stamped comments where the rest of the members can leave a comment and you can automatically implement the feedback – all in one workspace.

The software has a total of 4 packages, which range from their FREE package to their Professional Plus that costs $39 per month.


Renderforest is a straightforward video software that houses many video templates under various categories – one of which being Real Estate Business Promotions. With just one program, you can make Introduction Videos, Promotional Videos, Animations, Explainer Videos, Presentations, and Video Editing. By maximizing all their tools, you can come up with a set of marketing collaterals in just a few minutes!

Furthermore, you have professional color presets and custom color combinations to choose from to make your footage vivid and powerful. You can even edit them on almost any device!

Renderforest has four packages to choose from that range from their Free to Business option that costs $29.99 per month. is a great software for teams because it features real-time collaboration and idea sharing tools. It is widely utilized by professionals and consumers alike. With its wide directory of video templates, you can have high quality real estate content in just a matter of minutes.

It also houses features such as adding subtitles, GIFs, video cropping, video merging, and the ability to share your output from the program!

Motionbox,io has a total of four packages ranging from FREE to Enterprise, which would require you to contact them directly in order to receive a customized quotation based on your specific needs and preferences.

Promo puts your branding on the front seat by giving you the ability to easily add in your company logo and watermarks to your videos. There are also dozens of real estate templates waiting for you to further customize their assets through text, colors, stock media, and much more!

Not only can you create video ads with their templates, but you can also easily produce social media videos, explainer videos, and introduction videos.

Promo has three packages to choose from, namely:  Basic at $49 per month, Standard at $99 per month, or Pro at $359 per month.


Videoshop is an application designed for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Judging by how it was made for portable gadgets, you can already tell what powerful automation this software holds.

When it comes to real estate videos, you can choose from a vast selection of themes that can quickly and very easily put your raw content together in a way that makes a smoother, more compelling flow. The editor is very progressive that its developers churn out more features regularly, in fact, it’s been updated at least 15 times since its launch in 2020.

Apart from the essential editing tools such as transitions, trims, merging, flip, resize and the like, they also offer advanced editing tools such as filters, slow motion, color correction, reverse, and freeze. Furthermore, you can add special effects such as tilt shift, stop motion. Kenburns, and more! Top off your video with sound effects, voice overs, or music, then easily export anywhere you want.

Videoshop is FREE to download!


Magisto prides itself as a smart video editor. This means that it takes your content, uses AI to analyze the data, and creates a powerful film that can engage viewers well enough to result in +200% brand awareness, +300% lead generation, and +80% conversion rates according to their studies.

The concept is built around Emotion Sense Technology, which triggers the video’s desired emotional reaction from its viewers. It is a state of the art instrument that generates a guided emotional tone by means of your footage and chosen music, which you can further enhance as you please.

Making compelling real estate videos has never been this easy, and you can experience it through three different packages namely Premium at $9.99 per month, Professional at $19.99 per month, or Business at $69.99 per month.


Ripl is not only a video editing program, but it is also a useful social media marketing tool. It helps you write, distribute, and track your social content within minutes, which makes creating and promoting new listings a breeze.

Real estate agents and home sellers alike will love how easy it is to create introductions, manage listings, generate relevant posts, and edit smooth videos all in one software. You can even upload your own logo and customized branding such as colors and fonts to ensure that everything is consistent in your feed.

Furthermore, they have design templates that you can utilize to enhance your editing and save you time. You have two plans to choose from namely Base Plan at $12.99 and Premium Plan at $19.99.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro may be the least beginner friendly on this list but with some practice and determination, it can be quite easy to get the hang of it. It is Apple’s video editing software fit for both professionals and everyday consumers with a knack for video editing. It offers an advanced set of tools that, when maximized efficiently, can result in highly detailed footage and a powerful output.

The software has sophisticated features that help bring out a more energetic and dramatic feel in your footage. It has Object Tracker, Cinematic Mode, Color grading capabilities, motion graphic capabilities, detailed audio editing, options for plug-ins, effects, and has tools from leading developers. You can even work with HDR video to deliver incredibly lifelike imaging.

Just because it was built with more precision does not mean it doesn’t offer some automations. Final Cut Pro also has its own set of templates and customizable motion graphics you can add to make your projects stand out.

The software is priced at $299, which gives you a license good for 6 years. Which is approximately only $4.50 per month. It also offers a FREE TRIAL for 90 days.

Other Advanced Video Editing Programs

If you want to explore more advanced video editing programs similar to Final Cut Pro, we suggest looking into the following options:

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • iMovie

How Do I Edit My Own Real Estate Video?

Once you have selected your preferred software, you can now start editing your own real estate videos! To guide you along the way, here are the steps you should take into consideration:

  • Review your content and plan your scenes
  • Explore the tools of your selected program
  • Decide on your tone of voice and emotion you want to incite
  • Stick to 1-2 fonts, and complimentary colors
  • Choose a fitting music for your target market
  • Make sure to have a brief introduction and a clear call-to-action

There you have it! With this set of tools and information, you’ll be making high-quality real estate videos for your listings and multiply your sales in no time.