How Much do Floor Plans Cost

Planning out a new dream home can be both a daunting yet extremely exciting experience. In a matter of weeks, there could be a lot of ideas popping up, Pinterest pins saved, and color schemes canvassed.

While it’s already great to have a good hold on how you would want your place to look, it is still necessary to bring it to life through a detailed floor plan. This way, you get an overview of what needs tweaking and if all you have envisioned is feasible enough.

Technology and research have definitely come a long way in recent years, and having your dream interior spaces laid out on paper in the most comprehensive method possible is not a far-fetched idea anymore.

The question to ask now is exactly how much does professional real estate floor plan cost nowadays and who do you ask to create floor plans?

More often than not, the home floor plan cost is the reason why homeowners tend to scale down. So before making any promises on how big the kitchen would be, take a look at the cost estimates below.

How Much It Costs To Make A Quality House Plan?

Many homeowners or would-be homeowners have a knack for designing floor plan visuals. Especially since you would already have an image in mind of what exactly you want.

For those with a background in creating comprehensive floor plan visuals, this would be a breeze to pull off. However, most of us may only be able to churn out rough sketches of our ideal renovation project paired with a few notes here and there.

This is where professionals come in.

Real estate floor plan pricing can vary depending on which professional you opt to approach. An architect, an interior designer, a draftsman, or even a team of graphic designers can easily do house plans, and their price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The factors that would determine their price range include, but are not limited to:

Proficiency of the professional

  • Their educational attainment
  • Their level of experience and expertise
  • How many years they have been in the industry
  • Their professional skill level
  • If they are working under a company/ firm or are on their own

Scope of work and services needed

  • Total area of the property and its location
  • If square footage calculations are needed
  • If the furniture is to be included
  • If the exterior is to be included
  • If the entire site plan is to be included
  • If the blueprint is to be provided in 2D or 3D render
  • If the floor plan is black and white or colored format
  • If additional structures such as pools, courts, and the like will be included
  • If it is an existing building that needs renovation or a completely new one
  • If the style of the home is intricate or minimalist

Details on Floor Plan Costs and Pricing Packages

There are multiple types of floor plans you can choose from nowadays. They are usually categorized into 3 main kinds, namely:




2D Black and White Floor Plan




2D Coloured Floor Plan




3D Floor Plan

Each type of floor plan variant takes a different amount of time, skill, effort, and specialized software to accomplish. The above plans will also have different price ranges depending on who is hired for the job.

For example, a 2D floor plan designed in black and white will take a considerably less amount of time to draw up compared to a 3D floor plan. This is because 3D floor plans require much more hands on efforts, fancier software, and more time allocated to complete the project.

However, these types of floor plans also offer a much more photo-realistic visual that can really bring the design to life and help the future homeowners envision their latest investment.

What Exactly Is A Home Floor Plan Design?

Your home’s floor plan is basically a sized-down representation of each layer of your house from a bird’s eye view, packed with on site measurements, appliances, furniture, exterior elements, and more. It has multiple purposes, namely:

Construction planning.

Floor plans ensure that your needs and preferences for your home or commercial properties are met and maximized. By putting together a blueprint, each space can be efficiently utilized and the flow between one area to another can be properly analyzed – this means a more harmonious traffic pattern, entry point, and exit areas.

Renovation planning.

If you have an existing structure, floor plans help ensure that the additional space is compatible and complements what you already have built. This guarantees that any changes you make moving forward will improve the layout of your property both aesthetically and functionally.


Real estate agents and those selling their homes can heavily benefit from floor plans as these give potential buyers a detailed look into what they are investing in.


If you have noticed, all commercial properties have a small floor plan displayed in multiple areas of the building. This is to ensure that all guests are well aware of their surroundings and are able to efficiently utilize fire and emergency exits.

The Important Factors Of A Good Floor Plan Design

Highly versatile

Keeping the floor plan open to alterations in the future is a surefire way to have a long-lasting and solid investment. If later on you opt to add in a nursery, an office space, or even a gym, the fact that you would have planned it earlier on to make each room versatile can save you hundreds if not thousands in the future.


When creating floor plans, the room arrangement and distance should be well thought out. For instance, bedrooms and other private quarters should ideally be not too close to the dining or living areas as these are considered entertainment sections that may get noisy or have guests in regularly.


One reason why incorporating furniture and appliances into each site plan is important is so that you can properly distinguish if the sizes are feasible. Do the occupants have enough room to walk around, or perhaps there is too much-unused space?

Accurate on site measurements.

Measuring is one of the key factors that go into constructing a house – or even just an area of it. With every miscalculation comes a domino effect of adjustments that may or may not be too easy to accommodate.

How much it costs to have a floor plan designed by an architect

Architects are considered the most expensive of the choices since they have the highest educational attainment on the matter with a license to boot. Their technical drawings will also be ready to send directly to the engineer or whoever is in charge of overseeing the construction.

They would normally charge anywhere between $100 to $250 per hour and, depending on their availability, could take 3 days up to 2 weeks to submit the first draft.

How much it costs to have a floor plan designed by a draftsman

Draftsmen are more affordable than architects by a considerable amount. They would normally charge anywhere between $50 to $130 per hour and may offer a faster turnaround of deliverables.

While draftsmen are not exactly qualified for designing a site plan for an entirely new house, they are certified to do site plans for renovations, fixing unfinished rooms, house expansions, and real estate listings.

How much it costs to design a floor plan yourself

For those of you who are tech-savvy and are up to the challenge of designing a site plan on your own, CAD floor plan software is readily available for personal use.

CAD stands for computer-aided design and is the program used for 2D vector drafts and 3D modeling software. This is the kind of software used by professionals such as architects, draftsmen, and engineers.

CAD floor plan software may take time to get used to, as it is a complex system utilized in creating technical documents, construction bids, and preparing designs for the contractors. Per level of the house could take hours to put together, depending on the expertise of the designer. However, if there is not much of a rush then this could be a fun solution to cut back on budget and learn new DIY skills!

CAD software can cost $200 to $300 per month, which maximizes the resources for the overall project, but only if it weighs out with the amount of time the designer spends on it.

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