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Before settling on a decision, potential buyers not only take the time to consider each room individually, but they also want to picture the entire property as a whole. That is why floor plans for houses are so important when promoting a listing.

Being able to offer a bird’s eye view of the multiple spaces that fill up the house, how these spaces connect, the flexibility of each area, and the convenience the complete package can bring are what convince future buyers that this is their ideal home.

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In a given space, there is always going to be a focal point.

It is what catches the eye of the observer and piques interest. In the case of individual rooms, this could be in the form of an accent chair, a decorated wall, and so on.

While it is easy to pinpoint these in a controlled area, how can you do so on the larger scale? What is there to highlight about house floor plans without overshadowing the rest?

Possilibities. Floor plans for homes can help potential buyers envision their future and all the possibilities that can happen if they take the first step towards their prospective house.

Why Time Off Editing?

Floor Plans for Homes: Presentation Is the Key.

A varied market processes information in different ways. Which is why we offer house floor plans in multiple presentable formats:

  • Black and white
  • Fully colored
  • Textured images in 2D
  • Textured images in 3D

House Floor Plans On Demand.

Here at Time Off Editing, we deliver precise and quality work every time. Our team of highly skilled designers is ready to meet your house floor plan needs and cater to what your market is looking for. Take your first step into getting the sale. Contact us & get started on your home building journey today!


Floor Plans for Bedrooms: Artistically Cozy Experience.

We specialize to provide you with floor plans according to your count of bedrooms.

Get Plans as Big as your Dream House.

We can get you more than just designing your bedroom floor plans. 

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Floor Plan Process

Floor Plans

We provide floor plans in black & white, full color, and textured images in both 2D & 3D.

HDR Edit of a beautiful house in Canada

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