Get Time Off Editing with FotoSolution

About us

Take the stress out of real estate photography & marketing

We’re a 120+ member team of designers and editors in Vietnam dedicated to mastering the process of fast, consistent editing

Gone are the days of doing business in-house, in-office, or even in-country. Never mind the do-everything-yourself approach.

Now you can capture media, upload, and get back fully edited photos in hours.

More importantly, we do that fast, consistently, and inexpensively with our highly talented team in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

We believe in...


Finding talent all over the world

Talent isn’t reserved to the US or the west, it’s everywhere. Opportunities should be too. We’re all in on finding talent everywhere and anywhere, then providing the opportunity they deserve.


Ditching the traditional office

Cubicles, dull offices, and the do it “inhouse” approach are becoming outdated. We have an amazing location, flexibility, and offer our clients the ability to save hours editing in the office.


Consistency over flashy-ness

Creativity is our jam, but consistency is the real magic. Like Jiro (Dreams of Sushi), we’re here to consistently deliver edits that improve not reverse in quality over time.


Protecting time

You can’t buy more time later, but you can buy time off now. We believe in protecting and leveraging time, how can we get the most happiness, productivity and profitability from our time?



Don’t waste time on repetitive, boring tasks. Use software to automate it, then humans to finish it. This helps us to deliver faster, higher quality work.


Being invisible

Great customer service is important, but no customer service is even better. We believe in being so seamless, you barely notice we’re there.

Fast, consistent turnaround

We’ll edit photos in only 12hrs, videos in 24hrs and virtual staging in 48hrs.

No subscriptions

Pay only for what you use with a simple flat rate for every image

Unlimited changes

100% satisfaction guaranteed, we’ll do unlimited changes until you’re happy