Permanently closed after co-founder embezzlement.

TimeOffEditing was officially and permanently closed in October 2022 after our former CEO and co-founder Joshua Aaron Pascua Austin ("Joshua Austin") was caught embezzling company funds for his personal lifestyle.

This led to the unfortunate case of our teams unpaid and partially paid salaries for 1-3 months. Which rightfully led to a staged walk-out, in which our office in Hanoi was permanently closed in June 2022.

As of October 2022, all operations were officially ceased and all affiliations with "Joshua Austin" ended.

TIME OFF EDITING LIMITED (8262776) registered in New Zealand is no longer related to, after our other co-founders shares (30%) were cancelled without cause or reason.

Time Off Editing Limited, along with other trading names operated by Joshua Austin including, HelpYouEdit, are not endorsed, affiliated, or recommended by

Please note: There has been no legal action attempted, nor convictions. Due to the small amount of money involved, we don't believe Joshua Austin has the means to pay any kind of damages. This is only our opinion based on proof of company funds misused for personal shopping, unpaid salaries, unpaid debts, and Joshua Austin's disappearance.